Pie Charts

chart-calcA pie chart is a circular graphical display for a single categorical variable. The graph is divided into segments, each representing a particular category. Each segment is the same proportion of a circle as the category is of the total data set. The percentages in the pie chart must add up to 100%. Pie charts are commonly used in the social media and business world. Also called a circle diagram, circle graph, pizza chart, or sector graph.

Advantages of a pie chart:

  • It shows what part of the whole is each category
  • It presents a clear visual aid
  • It is easy to understand

Disadvantages of a pie chart:

  • It does not show changes over time
  • It is difficult to compare two or more sets of data
  • It is difficult to determine the exact values unless they are stated on the chart

More information on pie charts is given on the Wikipedia and Statistics Canada pages. This website has links to different websites with tutorials and examples on pie charts. Click here to access an online tool to create a pie chart.


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