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Hypothesis Test for a Single Proportion

A hypothesis test for a single proportion measures the proportion of a sample taken from the population for a given trait in order to infer information about the proportion of that trait in the whole population itself.  The hypothesis test for a single proportion is a test of two contradictory hypotheses about the proportion of the […]

Least-Squares Regression Line

The least squares regression line is a “line of best fit” used in scatter plots to predict where data is likely to fall in the range of response data.  The formula for this regression line is ŷ=b0 +b1x (Where ŷ is the predicted value, b0 is the intercept, and b1 is the slope of the […]

Pie Charts

A pie chart is a circular chart divided into sectors the lengths of whose arcs are proportional to the percentage of the chart represented by the particular category. A pie chart is a way to visualize: categories as parts of a whole. Drawbacks are: Only a relatively small amount of data can be fit into […]