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Confidence Interval for Two Independent Means

A confidence interval for two independent means is calculated to likely contain the difference between two true population means for one binary categorical variable and one quantitative variable. For example, a company might be considering replacing some of its packaging workers with machines, so they will compare the mean amount of time it takes a […]

Least-Squares Regression Line

A least-squares regression line is used to assess the relationship between two quantitative variables. It is used to estimate the value of the response variable given an arbitrary value of the explanatory variable. There are four requirements that must be satisfied before a valid least-squares regression line can be calculated: The two variables are quantitative. A […]


A box plot, also known as a “box-and-whisker plot,” is a graph used to visually convey the distribution and variation of a single quantitative variable of a set of data on an interval. A box plot prominently features the quartiles, range and outliers of a set of data and can be drawn vertically or horizontally. The […]