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Hypothesis Test for Two Independent Proportions

A Hypothesis Test for two Independent Proportions  answers a research question through statistical analysis about two independent proportions.  This hypothesis test looks at whether or not there is a significant difference between the two proportion variables.  Using this hypothesis test our test statistic will be Z, and we will be therefore be modeling with a Null Distribution.  This hypothesis […]

Standard Deviation

The Standard deviation of a data set shows how much variance the data has from the mean. A low standard deviation entails that the data points are clustered close to the mean, and the data has a small range.  If you have a high standard deviation then the data points are spread widely over a large range. […]

Clustered Bar Graphs

A clustered bar graph is a type of bar graph in which you can  display multiple qualitative data variables. Unlike a bar graph where only one bin is used per marking on the x-axis, with a clustered bar graph multiple bins are grouped together.  You can see from the chart on the right that these bins are […]