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Hypothesis Test for Paired Means

This test is sometimes called a Matched Pairs Hypothesis t Test. Matched pair design is when a person is tested against himself or very similar subjects matched in pairs. The randomness happens in which treatment is given first (if the subject is paired with himself) or which treatment is given to who (if contrasting the […]

Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r)

The Pearson Correlation Coefficient is a measurement of correlation between two quantitative variables, giving a value between -1 and 1 inclusive. This correlation demonstrates the degree to which the variables are dependent on one another. In other words, if the value of r is 1 or -1, then that means that all of the data points lie […]

Bar Graphs

A Bar Graph is a method of displaying categorical data for comparison, with one axis representing the categories and the other representing discrete values. These discrete values are a measure of frequency. These axes may be switched, resulting in two kinds of bar graphs. Bar graphs have either horizontal or vertical bars, depending on where the categorical […]