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Hypothesis Test for a Single Mean

A hypothesis test for a single mean is a research procedure by which a statistical inference is made through a decision about a single quantitative population parameter. This type of hypothesis test is a student t-distribution, where we analyze the more-accurate t-distribution of the sample, and calculating the test statistic ““. A hypothesis test requires […]


The median is one of two measures of center of one quantitative variable in summary statistics.When numbers in a data set are ordered sequentially, the median is the middle value in the total list of numbers. For the rest of the values in the data set, this means half of the numbers lie above the […]


A scatter plot is a graph used to visually examine the relationship between two quantitative variables that are plotted on the x- and y- axis, respectively. Points are plotted in relation to both variables, and from this a correlation can be determined.  A “line of best fit” can be used further in analysis of the […]