Category Graphs and Charts

An interesting side-by-side boxplot

Here’s an interesting example of a side-by-side boxplot I came across today. It shows data on the length of Ph.D. dissertations for a variety of fields of study. It’s a little crowded, so it’s not the most elegant boxplot. Also, the coloration doesn’t really add much since the fields are simply listed in reverse alphabetical […]

Side-by-Side Boxplots

A side-by-side box plot is a useful tool for visually comparing two data sets. Box plots work well on large data sets that are too disorderly to be displayed using other plots, but they may be also used on neat data sets. Side-by-side box plots present all of the information that box plots do for each instance of a […]

Clustered Bar Graphs

A clustered bar graph is a type of bar graph in which you can  display multiple qualitative data variables. Unlike a bar graph where only one bin is used per marking on the x-axis, with a clustered bar graph multiple bins are grouped together.  You can see from the chart on the right that these bins are […]

Bar Graphs

A Bar Graph is a method of displaying categorical data for comparison, with one axis representing the categories and the other representing discrete values. These discrete values are a measure of frequency. These axes may be switched, resulting in two kinds of bar graphs. Bar graphs have either horizontal or vertical bars, depending on where the categorical […]

Clustered Bar Graphs

A clustered bar graph, also called a grouped bar graph, is visually very similar to a “regular” bar graph, with one important difference in the data being presented: a second categorical variable is used to further break down the existing categories, thus aiding in the representation of data. A simple example of a clustered bar […]


A scatter plot is a graph representing the relationship between two quantitative variables. Each data point is represented by a dot on a cartesian plane with its position determined by its value of the two variables. For example, if I were to create a scatter plot using the variables of height and weight, the position of […]

Bar Graphs

A Bar Graph is a method of displaying and comparing discrete data sets. Bar graphs display categories as rectangles whose height (if vertically displayed) or length (if horizontally displayed) are proportional to each other by the proportionality of the data they are displaying. The graph shown displays the number of dog owners per breed in a sample with a […]