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Hypothesis Test for Paired Means

This test is sometimes called a Matched Pairs Hypothesis t Test. Matched pair design is when a person is tested against himself or very similar subjects matched in pairs. The randomness happens in which treatment is given first (if the subject is paired with himself) or which treatment is given to who (if contrasting the […]

Confidence Interval for Paired Means

The testing method of paired means  is used to compare the means of two variables for a single group. It is often referred to as the paired difference  test since it tests whether the difference between two variables within the single group. It is important to note that since the data is “paired” it is not independent. […]

Confidence Interval for Paired Means

The method of paired means is used when two sets of data have the same number of elements, and there exists a one-to-one correspondence between the elements of each set. The first step in using this method is to calculate the difference between the two sets of data: . This results in one quantitative variable […]