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An interesting side-by-side boxplot

Here’s an interesting example of a side-by-side boxplot I came across today. It shows data on the length of Ph.D. dissertations for a variety of fields of study. It’s a little crowded, so it’s not the most elegant boxplot. Also, the coloration doesn’t really add much since the fields are simply listed in reverse alphabetical […]

Side-by-Side Boxplots

A side-by-side box plot is a useful tool for visually comparing two data sets. Box plots work well on large data sets that are too disorderly to be displayed using other plots, but they may be also used on neat data sets. Side-by-side box plots present all of the information that box plots do for each instance of a […]

Side-By-Side Boxplots

Also known as a parallel boxplot or comparative boxplot, a  side-by-side boxplot is a visual display comparing the levels (the possible values) of one categorical variable by means of a quantitative variable. As its name implies, the side-by-side boxplot is constructed by placing single boxplots adjacent to one another on a single scale. A side-by-side […]