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Hypothesis Test for a Single Mean

A hypothesis test for a single mean is a research procedure by which a statistical inference is made through a decision about a single quantitative population parameter. This type of hypothesis test is a student t-distribution, where we analyze the more-accurate t-distribution of the sample, and calculating the test statistic ““. A hypothesis test requires […]


The mean, also referred to as average, of a set of data is the sum of all the data elements divided by the total number of elements. As a mathematical equation it is represented as, , where y represents the data elements and n represents the total number of data elements. In descriptive statistics there are two […]


Within a data set, the mean is simply the average of n numbers in the set. It is commonly used to measure central tendencies and is calculated by taking the sum of all the numbers in the set and dividing that sum by the number of data points, n. This can be viewed symbolically for the sample mean, x […]