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Residual Plots

Residual plots graph the distance of each data point from the curve in a chosen model, and can be used to tell if a given data set fits a selected model. A residual is the distance of a point from the curve. When making a residual plot, the x-axis is the same as in the […]

Residual Plots

A residual plot is a graph used to demonstrate how the observed value differ from the point of best fit. A residual plot will have the appearance of a scatter plot, with the residuals on the y-axis and the independent variable on the x-axis. A residual plot is used to determine if residuals are equal, which is […]

Least-Squares Regression Line

A least-squares regression line is used to assess the relationship between two quantitative variables. It is used to estimate the value of the response variable given an arbitrary value of the explanatory variable. There are four requirements that must be satisfied before a valid least-squares regression line can be calculated: The two variables are quantitative. A […]