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Anscombe’s Quartet

Here’s an interesting example of why you should never just look at an r value and a regression model without looking at the scatterplot first. Anscombe’s Quartet consists of four data sets. Each has the same sample size and nearly the same mean and standard deviation for the x and y variables, r values, and regression coefficients. But […]

Least-Squares Regression Line

The least squares regression line is a “line of best fit” used in scatter plots to predict where data is likely to fall in the range of response data.  The formula for this regression line is ŷ=b0 +b1x (Where ŷ is the predicted value, b0 is the intercept, and b1 is the slope of the […]


A scatter plot is a graph representing the relationship between two quantitative variables. Each data point is represented by a dot on a cartesian plane with its position determined by its value of the two variables. For example, if I were to create a scatter plot using the variables of height and weight, the position of […]


A scatter plot is a graph used to visually examine the relationship between two quantitative variables that are plotted on the x- and y- axis, respectively. Points are plotted in relation to both variables, and from this a correlation can be determined.  A “line of best fit” can be used further in analysis of the […]