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Confidence Interval for a Single Mean

A confidence interval for a single mean, specifically, is just a regular confidence interval that tries to estimate the possible mean of the population. Stattrek explains a confidence interval as “…to describe the amount of uncertainty associated with a sample estimate of a population parameter.”It’s not exact, and the higher percentage of confidence you want, the bigger the […]


As one may know from either middle school or high school, the median is the value in the middle of a sample. That is, there is an equal number of values less than and more than the median. However, if the amount in the sample is an even number, the median is the average of the two […]

Contingency Tables

A contingency table shows the frequencies of two categorical variables as they interact with each other. It is also known as a two-way table, cross tabulation, or cross tab. The frequencies are represented numerically. The totals of each column and each row  can be summed in the margins. Some uses for this table are: To examine the relationship […]